Warranted quality and 25 years of experience make WKA the most reliable partner for all repairs and servicing of your rotor blades.

In the event of damage, our team will be on site right away, anytime, anywhere in Germany and all over Europe, in India and soon also in North and South America.

Our perfectly trained teams work according to the highest HSE-standards. They use innovative tools and materials, and their database-driven, warranted processes guarantee efficient and sustainable blade service, from damage assessment to repairs.

To enable preventive servicing of your rotor blades we use our platform technology or rope-access technology. We offer full service for the maintenance of all available types of rotor blades.

But also for upgrades like Pitch optimization, Vortex Generators or aerodynamic optimization of your wind turbines we are the ideal partners. We keep developing our services in close co-operation with research, partners and our customers.

We offer reliable service with an eye to the future. To guarantee the calculated profits of your wind power stations, on- and offshore.


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Current offers

Winter platform technology

WKA winter platform technology

With WKA winter platforms, defective lightning protection systems or structural damages resulting from periods of bad weather can be repaired quickly and easily in typical WKA quality throughout the winter.

DNVGL-certified WKA winter platforms enable repairs to be carried out regardless of the outdoor temperature, thanks to a heated tent around the rotor blade.

This keeps wind turbine downtime to a minimum in the most productive seasons, autumn and winter.

Vortex optimization

WKA vortex generator optimization

In cooperation with 3M and Smart Blade, WKA Blade Service optimizes and improves the performance and service life of wind turbines through the installation of highly reliable 3M vortex generators.

The vortex generators are individually tailored to each rotor blade type and increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the blade by revitalizing the laminar flow on the rotor blade surface.

WKA carries out precise installation of the vortex generators in a fast, sustainable and certified manner, following a careful proprietary analysis.


WKA thermography

WKA thermography is our contribution to a non-destructive inspection of the various rotor blade layers. A WKA thermography camera mounted on the platform documents the current state of the blade down to the lower layers by means of active infrared sensors. Any delaminations, dry glass, blowholes or cracks are visualized as warmer surfaces, and can then be repaired.

WKA thermography is the certified quick-check for all operators of wind farms whose systems are at the end of the warranty period. WKA thermography also supports you in the decision-making process when it comes to extending the service life of the systems beyond the warranted 20 years.


WKA serration repair

Serrations are installed at the trailing end of the blade.

Serrations reduce air turbulence, ensuring the manufacturer’s guaranteed turbine noise level. During transportation or installation of the wind turbine, damage or breakage of individual serration elements may occur. This leads to higher noise emissions and may even prevent a technical approval of the wind turbine. During ongoing operation, the serration elements may also become fractured or detached.

WKA repairs and assumes retrofit tasks for serrations in every season – proficiently, quickly, cost-effectively and in certified quality.

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WKA on- / offshore services at a glance

1. Quality Inspection and Testing

  • Inspections with rope technology and platforms
  • Drone technology
  • Thermography
  • Camera inspections on the ground
  • Lightning protection measurements
  • Rotor blade interior documentation
  • Minimal repairs
  • Recurring inspections
  • De-icing
  • End of warranty inspections & certificates
  • Turbine lifetime extension inspection & certificates

2. Repair services

  • Structural damages
  • Blade exchange
  • Serial damage
  • Leading edge protection
  • Serration repairs / retrofits
  • Erosion damages
  • Transport damages
  • Repairs on the ground / in the factory
  • Winter platform with up to 160m hub height
  • Dismantling / recycling

3. Optimization and installations on the blade

  • 3M Vortex generators
  • Pitch optimization upgrades with partner products
  • Noise reduction products
  • Anti-icing concepts
  • Erosion protection
  • Gel and signal color coating
  • Winglets

4. Smart data – preventative maintenance

  • Analysis for preventive maintenance
  • Analysis for lifecycle management
  • certificates
  • Comprehensive database
  • Over 15 years of damage recording
  • 3,000 WECs, over 100 blade types
  • Detailed damage reports

Future challenges for wind farm operators and their service partners

A guest commentary by Julian Scheerhorn, Operations Management, Energiekontor

Julian Scheerhorn

Wind power will become increasingly important in the future. At Energiekontor, we have the self-imposed target of achieving one hundred percent renewable energy.

Nevertheless, we face new challenges as a result of the changing conditions. With the new wind farms, the tendering procedures have led to a significant drop in prices. The resulting cost pressure equally affects everyone involved. The problem for existing parks is that after 20 years, the EEG tariff has been eliminated, thereby reducing the competitiveness of the systems. This means that all the companies involved need to be more efficient and cost-effective.

Therefore, it is important to optimize and develop the wind farms. This includes compensating for tower passages through pitch, or if necessary, undertaking adjustments to the entire wind farm to keep lagging effects under control. Now that many of the existing farms are at the end of their operative service lives and have to cope with the market values for electricity on the stock market, appropriate optimization measures are very helpful to ensure their profitability.

In optimizing our wind farm in Thüle with our service partner WKA, we rely on vortex generators, which ensure the facility is quieter, more durable and more profitable in the upper partial-load range.

The perfect service partner for wind farm operators is efficient, innovative, customer-friendly, economical, always ready for operation and ensures rapid fault clearance at the worksite.

WKA is not only broadly based, but is forward-looking, which is a clear advantage for us. In addition to their core business of blade inspection and blade repair, WKA also offers innovative optimizations for wind power stations.

Health & Safety

We place an emphasis on the permanent and competent development of our security concept, which goes far beyond legal requirements. A high degree of qualification is essential when it comes to occupational safety, which is why our employees regularly take part in training and continuing education measures. A rule of thumb for our preventative measures applies here: our new employees are always prepared for assignments in practice-oriented modules before stepping foot on the construction site. The company’s in-house training center offers optimal conditions for this. In classrooms and the training area, new staff members are thoroughly trained in both practice and theory. Fall protection, rescue exercises, load securing and electrical courses are just some of the key training modules that our specialists go through.

In the training center, rescues involved in a range of situations are simulated and trained in a practice-oriented manner. The focus of these exercises is on rescue measures from the work platform, evacuating the nacelle and rescuing colleagues who have had accidents from the climbing protection system.

Personal protective equipment is one of the most important safety aspects. In this module, the professional and safe handling of one’s own equipment is practiced. The equipment is always individually tailored to the requirements of the work at hand.

Load securing ensures that work materials are transported safely, so that they reach the workplace without any accidents. In addition to theoretical basics, a focus is placed on the securing of materials and the work platform in the company vehicle.

Before the team enters the worksite, the specific key characteristics of the worksite are discussed and documented in a safety brief. These are then integrated into the work activities, as well as continually reviewed and updated.

As a general principle, the commissioning and decommissioning of a wind turbine is only carried out by authorized employees. In the event of an emergency, the GPS coordinates and the location of the closest doctor are safely stored in the vehicle. When activities are carried out on the work platform, but also over the further course of a project, technicians face the permanent risk of falling. Therefore, it is imperative that activities are carried out securely at all times. Personal protective equipment is always individually tailored to these requirements.

Each team has a laptop and smartphones at its disposal that provide quick access to safety-relevant information. In addition to work instructions and safety data sheets, current weather data can be called up directly at the worksite and on the work platform. This enables the timely transfer of information between worksite employees and the H&S Department. In addition, the exchange of claims data and support between the team at the rotor blade and the technical support team at headquarters can take place, so that the best possible result is always achieved.

In regular telephone conferences with the teams, accidents, incidents, news and changes to work processes are communicated. This ensures that all the teams are always at the same level of information, safeguarding the comprehensive and proactive coordination of the entire company.


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